Sunday, February 21

Fast with Jesus: Optimizing Your Spiritual Intelligence

Matthew 4:1–11

Sunday, February 7

FOCUS on the Fruit: How to Avoid the Trap of Busyness

Mark 1:29–39

Sunday, January 31

Authority without Credentials

Mark 1:21–28

Sunday, January 24

Travel Light: Become Someone God Uses

Mark 1:14–20

Sunday, January 17

Lotus in the Swamp: Discernment in Trying Times

John 1:43–51

Sunday, January 10

Catching Epiphanies

Matthew 2:1–12

Sunday, January 3

Living with Grace – the Secret of Happiness

John 1:1–18

Sunday, December 27

Do You See What I See?

Luke 2:22–40

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