Sunday, June 13

Don’t Jinx the Blessing

Mark 4:26–34

Sunday, June 6

Who is Your Family? (Dictators are Warned)

Mark 3:20–35

Sunday, May 30

The Mystery of the Trinity

John 3:1–17

Sunday, May 23

The Three Wrongs of the World

John 15:26–16:15

Sunday, May 16

The Absolute Joy of Oneness

John 17:11–23

Sunday, May 9

Love and Let Love

John 15:12–17

Sunday, May 2

The Secret to Complete Joy

John 15:1–11

Sunday, April 25

Living Worry-Free

John 10:11–18

Sunday, April 18

Know Thyself and Catch the Lies

1 John 3:1–7

Sunday, April 11

Using Peace and Belief to Overcome Fear and Doubt

John 20:19–31

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